Friday, February 10, 2006

Time to Cool It!

Infighting gets no one anywhere. Ronald Reagan, architect of the Republican majority had an 11th commandment of politics, "Thou Shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican." Well, Canadian Conservatives and conservatives (i.e. members of the party and like-minded idealists) need to take a quick lesson from the Gipper.

It's sad to see how the media has skewed Garth Turner's level headed remarks. In interviews he's been full of praise of the Harper Govt. He merely points out one issue on which he disagrees. He does it mildly. As someone who agrees with the Prime Minister and not with Garth on this one, I still find it appalling that as soon as his interview was over, the statements he made, which can accurately be summed up as "I think this government is doing a lot of great things but I do disagree on this one issue" are immediately changed and rehashed in a way that would make the primary subjects of George Orwell's 1984 proud.

It's equally sad that some "conservatives" have taken to badmouthing as honourable and decent a man as Garth Turner as a result of these comments. The fact is that Garth Turner is a highly principled individual. He'd make a great Cabinet Minister. Canada, not just the Riding of Halton, is fortunate to have him in Parliament. PM Harper would be wise to immediately appoint him to a junior Cabinet post, at least, thereby stifling the Liberal media in their latest line of attack.

Most importantly: Whatever side you're on - Cool it! Conservatives can't maintain a proper government while fret with constant infighting. There will be disagreements. That's the stuff that makes a party stronger. The key is to get over them. Fast!

If you believe that the Emerson appointment goes against democratic values then fine. Recognize that nothing illegal or unethical was committed and don't make an issue of it to an extent that Liberals who just spent the past 12 years blocking every attempt at democratic reform use this as fodder to throw at a government that is finally taking steps in this area. If you believe, as I do, that no wrong has been committed, then don't impugn the dignity of a man like Garth Turner who has worked tirelessly to promote Conservative values and Conservative politics.

We have bigger issues to worry about. Like the fact that the overwhelming majority of Urban Canadians still have no understanding of conservatism and of the reasoning behind the issues we care about? Isn't that worthy of at least enough of our attention to pass up this "oh so important, one time chance" to smear and tarnish one of the most ethical MPs in Parliament today, one who just happens to be a member of our own party to boot?

In short; Thou shalt speak no evil of thy fellow Conservative. Translation for Montreal Canadiens fans, Go Emerson! Go Turner!


Anonymous said...

"Infighting gets no one anywhere. Ronald Reagan, architect of the Republican majority had an 11th commandment of politics, "Thou Shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican."

Another way to put this is to say "no matter how criminal or inept the behaviour, a republican should not do the right thing, instead they should cheerlead."


Anonymous said...


Not bad, I agree with what ever u say. "Ki Dvar Hashem Boi Umilossoi Al Leshoinnoi"

Berel Z

Yomin Postelnik said...


What that means is a) Don't attack them personally. And b) If you have an issue with someone that can be dealt with in private don't make a public circus out of it.

These would apply to anyone and are general life lessons but what Reagan was saying was that if you launch personal attacks on people in your own party, say in a primary, it will end up hurting the party - including the person who launches the attack.