Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Note to PM Harper: Bypass the Media

It's interesting how the media never waits to attack a Conservative. Had they not launched their offensive during the first hour of Harper's Govt. they could have at least put on the appearance of impartiality. But why do that when no one calls them to the floor for it? Why bother when no one cares to recognize the agenda they have beyond mere reporting of the news?

Remember a little over six months ago when Belinda was heralded as a hero? What changed when Emerson did the same thing? Why aren't we hearing ad nauseam about how his move was "in the interests of the country," how politicians "have a right to act according to their conscious" and the plethora of other excuses then coughed up by the media?

Of course, the media, now taking their talking points from Bill Graham, are already defending their openly displayed hypocrisy accordingly: "Harper did it right after an election." Does anyone honestly think that the media would have given this story more sympathetic, Belinda-type coverage had this happened mid-term? I don't think there's anyone gullible enough to believe that. Not even the most stalwart of liberals are that gullible - they just pretend to be. On the contrary, a defection to the Tories would have been portrayed in a much worse light had it not happened on the day the new government was being sworn in, when people are most apt to cut the new guys some slack. Anyone who thinks that Emerson's defection would have received the same celebratory acclaim given Stronach hasn't listened to, read or seen a media broadcast in decades.

Note to Harper: Take heed. From day one, on every matter of policy, speak directly to the Canadian people. Hold press conferences, broadcast night time speeches, whatever - just go above their heads and don't rely on newsbytes. In other words, bypass the media. These "impartial" goons won't cut you any slack. (Though they will make up scandals where none exist. You're a Conservative, so you can count on them for that).

Note to the "mainstream" media: People are beginning to see your agenda for what it is. The slack you cut Liberal leaders (remember Jean Chretien's paper napkin, anyone?) and the muck that you spew against their Conservative counterparts has reached a level that you can no longer deny. Hypocrite, thy name is CBC (or the Toronto Star - take your pick).


K-Dough said...

While I may not agree with you guys ideologically, I agree that the media is full of shit. But let's be fair- the Toronto Star- the most notoriously Liberal paper in the country up until the past few years is in the midst of a serious identity crisis.

Sorry- don't want to repeat so I'll point you here- read the 4th post down...K-Dough's Canada

J. Edgar Robertson said...

Every Liberal and socialist is that gullible. Every member of the Canadian media with few exceptions falls within those two groups.

Liberals and socialists, all live in terror of losing their entitlements. Should a Tory government reign in the un-funded liabilities, unsupportable programs and the many current socialist giveaways; its will be reported as a diabolical destruction of the very fabric of Canadian Society.

We are now over whelmed by political opinions and are sadly lacking honest true reporters in our Canadian media. Today the only news fit to print are scandals and Tory errors. Tory mistakes will always be reported as hidden agendas. That is the current and future reality in this country. To the Canadian media and their readers there is no such thing as a good Tory.



K-Dough said...

Very nice of you to drop by and leave such kind comments...

Yomin Postelnik said...


It was my pleasure. You have a great site. Keep up the good work. I don't know two people who agree on everything. The main thing is to recognize sincerity, something you have plenty of.