Monday, December 26, 2005

The Real Hidden Agenda

Anyone with even a remedial knowledge or understanding of Canadian politics knows that in each of the past four elections a party whose views are not shared by a majority of voters has managed to trounce its main opposition whose policy initiatives (democratic initiatives, economic stimulus, safer immigration to name a few) have always gathered substantially greater support in "hot button" issue polls . It takes little more familiarity with Canada's politics to know that there is but one reason for this. The winning party has managed to cast seeds of doubt in the minds of the public, painting their opposition as hicks, racists, immature, too dumb and inexperienced, too wise and crafty and just about everything else under the sun short of claiming that their opponents are two headed Martians a la Terminator Supreme.

Of course, I'm referring to the Liberal Party's remarkable electoral success at the expense of the Reform, then CA, then Conservative Party despite the fact that would but the public have its druthers, we would sooner see a school of goldfish led by a swimming dog named Rover elected in place of the rump of contemptuous and arrogant demagogues who now sit in their would-be places. So why haven't Canadians turned to a less arrogant, less corrupt and less objectionable alternative, one whose policies they seem to endorse in poll after poll? Because the ever gliberal Liberals have convinced us that the "eevil ones" (those who would lower your taxes thereby increasing employment but not without limiting government power, the raison d'etre of a Lib), i.e. the Conservatives, have a "hidden agenda."

What the "agenda" is we don't know. We can't know. But if Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and other equally trustworthy individuals, the likes of which have not been seen since the days of the man who first uttered "Father, I cannot tell a lie," say that someone has a "hidden agenda" you can bet your bottom dollar that a "hidden agenda" is lurking in our midst, even if the one making the charges can offer nothing more than hymns and haws when asked what this "hidden agenda" might consist of - With noted exception to Hedy Fry, the sole member of this gang of "trustworthy" individuals to actually articulate an accusation, standing up on the floor of the House a few years back claiming that Conservative voters were seen burning crosses on lawns. After it was discovered that not one single report of such a happening was ever witnessed or written of Hedy was summarily demoted by that most honest of individuals, The Right Honourable Jean Joseph Jacques Chr├ętien,P.C., Q.C., B.A., LL.L., LL.D, inventor of the "hidden agenda," it being clear that the only objects upon which toasting occurred were Hedy's own marbles - which had most positively been Fryed to a crisp.

As is usually the case, dirty politics has little to do with the truth. But in this case it bears mention that a sane and composured look at Canadian politics would reveal the exact opposite to the assertions of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. (Big surprise here! - yawning three times, rolling eyes twice and getting on with it) Namely, while Canada's conservatives have been remarkably consistent in their views and core beliefs, it is Messrs. Martin, Chretien et al who have and who always have had, the real hidden agenda.

Say it can't be so Jean? Paul? Sheila? John (Manley)? Say it can't be so? One need not go as far back as the GST debacle of the early nineties. The Liberal Party of Canada has constantly and consistently denied an agenda only to pursue radical and unpopular policy initiatives a short while later. They do this whenever a piece of legislation or issue would be unpopular yet they secretly desire for its passage. They did it with increased taxation. They did it with neglect to the military. They did it with same sex marriage - still not supported by a majority of Canadians, once again slandering those who held the same opinion that they had purported to support only two years ago with a host predictable (and equally meaningless) smears.

But it doesn't end there. The Libs have more work to do. Based on the prestigious record they've accumulated switching their positions without a thought for the will of the public ( the common folks, who they refer to as rubes and the sort) one is forced to ask what will come next. We see that Liberals will not explicitly state their plans during election season, opting instead to pass their desired legislation underhandedly after the game is over and they are safely in power.

So what else can we expect from these enlightened elitists? For one, we should be concerned that their bowing to every whim and will of the UN continue. And to what end? The UN has lobbied for years for a global taxation policy whereby a portion of each global citizen's income would be allocated to Kofi Annan (or to his successor, who if history is an example, will be equally scrupulous in nature and in deed) and to his "Food for Oil" friends. Will the Liberal Party's secret Pledge of Allegiance to the whims and desires of this group of third world dictators and terrorist leaders that is the UN lead to a day when a portion of all paychecks of the now "underburdened" Canadians (working citizens whose treatment at the hands of the Liberals has always been such that can most generously be described as disdainful) will be allocated directly to the UN's coffers?

Impossible? Ridiculous? Would one not have found it equally incredulous just a few years back that the Liberal Party would make scrapping the GST a central platform of an election campaign only to deny ever making such statements a few years later (ending off with the Prime Minister of Canada - Jean Jacques, LLBS, MBS, etc. telling Canadians that if they don't like the tax system they can "leave da countree")? What would your reaction have been then to a government changing its position on the definition of marriage, then halting all debate on the issue by smearing all who believe in its traditional definition as racists, bigots and bashers?

In this election the possibility of a "hidden agenda" should once again play out in the minds of voters. Let us just hope that logic now rules the day and that this time the party who has proven time and again that its modus operandi consists of nothing more than "how will we sneak this one past them?" rightfully become the cause of our worries, not those who have been forthright and consistent in their beliefs.